Nonton film Bigfoot vs Megalodon 2 (2023) terbaru rebahin layarkaca21 lk21 dunia21 subtitle indonesia gratis

Bigfoot vs Megalodon 2 (2023)

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The universe’s woolly war machine, Bigfoot, is back in high-flying, foot-stomping action!When a band of thieving, intergalactic villains – led by the notorious outer space outlaw, Megalodon – start running roughshod, the super-sized Sasquatch is enlisted by Earth’s surviving allies to infiltrate the gang and restore law and order to the cosmos! Eternal rivals Bigfoot and Megalodon WILL square-off and fight to the death! Sasquatch vs. Shark! Fist vs. Fin! With the survival of the whole universe hanging in the balance! It’s Bigfoot vs. Megalodon 2!

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Duration: 73 Min

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